Reviews / Absolute Monarch Complex

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Justin Andrew Mason
Well that was something.
Sep 09
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Neko Frau
Dom in the sheets Sub on the streets
Sep 05
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I have own the physical copy of the first chapter and I enjoyed it. I liked the dynamic between the two of them and how reversible they can be.
Sep 04
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Wide-eyed Wander
I like that it was a dominating relationship with a twist which is hopefully mostly consensual with no blackmailing involved.
Aug 22
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Without a doubt, it's the perfect manga for those who enjoy reading about sadomasochist relationships. Full of ecchi scenes, it's not the style of manga I usually look for, but I must admit is quite intense from the beginning.
Aug 22
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The topic of BDSM is interesting enough to read as is, but this manga somehow makes it less so. I'm not thrilled about the cousin angle either, even though I know some adult themes explore the "far too close for family members" approach.
Aug 17
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Rafael Nguyen Alvarez
Interesting Manga with BDSM concepts.
Aug 16
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