Reviews / A Long Stay

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Justin Andrew Mason
This entire story is metaphorical, which I think allows it to be interpreted on many different levels from various perspectives. To me, it seemed to be a story about addiction -- doing something repeatedly, not understanding why, and struggling to move beyond it, and then repeating the cycle. The art is simple, and its an entertaining read, even being such an abstract story.
Sep 08
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Wide-eyed Wander
This was a thought provoking manga that depicts the repetitive nature of live in a whimsical way.
Aug 25
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This felt like a long dream sequence. Life repeats itself, sure, but I don't expect a giant hand to float in the sky. This was a little weird to say the least.
Aug 19
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Zachary Speck
Disembodied hand is probably not a great waifu.
Aug 19
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Very 'mono no aware' kind of story. Simple, clean art and paneling that makes the whole experience easy to quickly read through and feel the atmosphere. There's not too much of a story and it's one of those metaphor-of-life scenarios. Doesn't really stick out from other stories that do the same thing (cover picture pretty much highlights what makes it different from the other stories), but still a nice read.
Aug 14
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That's life.........repeat everyday!
Aug 13
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Wow, after reading Country Called America, I can't help to say this shows a complete different side of him and I enjoyed this story a lot more personally.
Nov 17
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