Reviews / A Riverside Date

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I like the creativity of the robot suit that people wearing but i kinda not enjoyed it in the scene where the guy pull out his tentacle inside the girl make it a hentai
Jun 03
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Actually kinda enjoyed that, everything made more since when you get towards the end. Allegories are fun lol
Nov 06
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Justin Andrew Mason
And see, Timmy, that's how little robot babies are made.
Sep 08
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Samuel Grande
If you listen hard enough, you can hear the sound of your brain cells slowly packing up their belongings to travel to a different brain that hasn't yet experienced the horrors that can be found here.
Aug 29
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Wide-eyed Wander
Like is was a wtf manga but I guess I give it points for a very unique premise & creativity with their ability to be intimate....
Aug 25
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It seemed interesting enough, but the end... Was that a make out scene or a sex scene? It just came off as weird and disturbing. It was possible to give a rating of MINUS FIVE STARS, I would do so.
Aug 21
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WHAT...THE...HECK?!!! I feel like I had a really bad dream or something after reading this! This feels SO WRONG!! ^^;;
Aug 21
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The artwork was okay, but the story isn't to my liking. I didn't get the tentacles and box things. Also, the story ended abruptly. When I got to the end, my first thought was "That's it?". I wish there were more explanations about the setting because it would make the story more interesting for me.
Aug 20
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Summer Dawn
Okay.. No ^^
What the Heck did I read? ...
I wish I could give it No stars...
Aug 18
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I didn't really get this one, to be honest. The set up of them being in boxes was interesting, but the stuff with the tentacles was more just plain weird than intriguingly strange. It didn't seem connected to the whole robot aspect, and it wasn't entirely clear whether the tentacles were part of the humans or the boxes, which was more confusing than surreal. It was still a more interesting read than most stories, though, and I had fun reading it, despite it not being quite what I had hoped.
Aug 17
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This was so weird, not completely in a shocking way, but not completely in a thought provoking way either. The benign setup and placid background art makes you expect a par for the course heart tingling romance one shot. Then, for better or worse, before you have time to yawn things take a 180, except not really. Like all decent sci-fi this one shot creates a cohesive, if not palpable (literal and figurative in this case lol) world. And a self-contained world often always means foreshadowing that's unnoticeable in the moment, but clear in hindsight. All in all interesting, brief, and a little unsettling.
Aug 11
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