Reviews / The Childhood Friend and Unidentified Flying Object

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Justin Andrew Mason
Sometimes we get so wrapped up in noticing how much others are changing, we fail to see how much we've changed. I think this manga expresses that perfectly. Not very uplifting, but it is rather enlightening.
Sep 07
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Samuel Grande
Is there a next chapter yet? You can't end it there, you don't end one-shots on a cliffhanger, that's not how it works D:
Aug 30
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Wide-eyed Wander
It's a gripping plot but I this is in the one shot category & it just ended on a cliffhanger.
Aug 25
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Wait...that's it??! Don't end it THERE!!!!!!
Aug 25
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can't wait for next chapter
Jul 04
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Brandan White
waiting for next chapter to find he stopped her or not
Nov 17
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