Reviews / The 10 O'clock Rule

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Typical yaoi with nice art and unique story. Sure it's problematic as heck but if you can get passed that there is a lot to be enjoyed.
Aug 22
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Quite dull to read.
Aug 22
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Wide-eyed Wander
It is a pretty art style but I find the characters a bit generic. The pacing felt kind of slow too.
Aug 21
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maybe itll change in a few more chapters, but the first two chapters were a little...

the black haired one deserves a boyfriend who loves him, but at the same time, what kind of creep kisses people all the time when theyve said no over and over? he apologized, at least, but then theres the matter of the other one being so hung up on what happend when they were teenagers, hes only into vastly younger people? and the black haired one going for a teenager just to spite the other one? nuh uh. no go. but the arts pretty okay !
Aug 13
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Jun 19
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