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It’s amazing! I recommend it to all people who like high action but also a little emotional mangas it has like, everything you could want !
Nov 06
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It was a good read , nicely done
Jun 22
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Very good suspence in the story
Jun 19
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you are grounded
owo dis goooood
Apr 23
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the story is so interesting and it has great characters and i love the art
Apr 18
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Justin Andrew Mason
I love the style of art in this manga, and the fact that it's in full color -- very vibrant despite it's dark subject matter. It's a nice contrast that really highlights the plot. I'm looking forward to more chapters soon!
Sep 01
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Might write another review once I get more tickets but already the story has my attention! Great characters, character design, and story ideas! It is a bit lackluster with backgrounds art wise but it makes up for it with the characters. I will definitely read more!
Aug 22
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Love the characters in this one! Story is great and I can't wait for more!
Aug 22
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Has potential. I feel the artist needs to work a bit more on the backgrounds. The way it's drawn feels like a newspaper comic.
Aug 12
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Nice! Love this sm, characters are so fun!
Jul 06
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luv this!!!^w^ can't wait for more! All the characters unique personalities are awesome and the story line is even more awesome!! <3
Mar 09
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Brandan White
Looking forward to read next chapter.

Interesting series \o/
Nov 17
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