Reviews / Dominant 7th

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Samuel Grande
If she was a girl from year 99, she couldn't end up as the older sister of a guy in 2005. The story is a bit unstable, but it wasn't horrible.
Aug 27
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Wide-eyed Wander
This was a enjoyable whimsical story that really brought a smile to my face. I really enjoyed the fun interaction between the characters.
Aug 25
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Justin Andrew Mason
Sometimes it's good to be an unstable chord. Fun read.
Aug 22
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Fun quick read. :)
Aug 21
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This one-shot was an adorable and uplifting story. The message from the story was a positive one, and it's one that I need right now. I thought the ending was a pleasant surprise to this story.
Aug 18
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Cute, inspiring one-shot
Nov 19
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