Reviews / I Will Fall In Love With My Roommate Tomorrow

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Avril AprilPrecious
Uhhh... I need coins T-T
Jan 04
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Like it wish it was longer
Jun 25
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I did really like this! The art style is very sweet, and the writing played a role in that vanilla-esk genre. I do feel like it could be more in depth with the characters, but overall it's sweet and a fun adventure to follow. Can't wait for more!
May 13
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Hehe Uke is so sly...
Apr 16
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So cute I want moarr <(>~<)>
Apr 05
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Taekook_ Lives
kawaii :)
Apr 04
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you are grounded
omg its amazing the only bad part is that theres no part three
Mar 31
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I like the story, and can't wait to see the next chapter
Mar 07
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Its slow but not too slow I love both of the parts too you should read it☆☆☆☆☆
Feb 27
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That was amazing I need ch 3 it was cute and funny this is the best!!!
Jan 13
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Kei Enjoji
I like the author . und freue mich aufs nächste kapitel.
Nov 24
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