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true story, koneko-chan-tachi. too true.
May 10
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This is super cute!! I'm a fan!! I laughed, chuckled and smiled to myself . If you're a fan of honeyworks and cute situations, or just want some vanilla and sugar romance-- check this out!

omg so cute. hehe. Super super cute. Can't recommend enough. Subscribed!!!

Check it out! So worth it.
Aug 25
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Wide-eyed Wander
This was a fun & easy read with quirky characters that being chuckle to me as a reader as they do mundane things. I commend the mangaka's ability to keep the audience entertained when the events are just normal & relatable.
Aug 24
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Gothic Sugar
This series is actually quite funny. I found myself laughing at many of the situstions. The situations portrayed are so relateable even if put in different settings. I wish I could insert screenshots. And there may be other better 4 koma out there like other reviewers said, but this is actually a good one and a great intro to that style of manga.
Aug 24
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Lavine Von
Funny and relatable, worth a read!
Aug 24
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Justin Andrew Mason
A fun and simple 4-koma manga about the recurring relationship between strangers who share the same public commute. I enjoyed reading it, and it was a fun reminder of how prone humans are to routine -- we even notice a stranger's absence sometimes.
Aug 23
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I find it to be a hilarious 4-koma manga. There were situations in this manga that remind me of my own experiences of using public transportation. I couldn't help but laugh at the awkward situations the various characters encounter on the train.
Aug 23
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Realy nice, funny and chill story, the fist chapter has made mu day . It a shame that it to short i would like atleast five more chapters.
Aug 22
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There's better 4 Koma out there, but you could do worse. The poor main character is basically a pillow for some passengers on the train. Poor guy. ^^;;
Aug 17
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Cute 4-koma, almost painfully average. Humour sometimes misses its mark among a Western audience. Art is average at best. No features that really make this stick out. Pretty much good as a time waster during short commutes.
Aug 17
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It's a cute little slice of life manga, but nothing striking or special, so I can't bring myself to give it 5 stars. Don't get me wrong though, it's a really enjoyable manga!
Jun 12
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Make more
May 16
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Chapter 1 - part 7 made my day ! When I'm so depressed I just think about the music the boy was listening... Gosh that was so funny !!! I laughed about 15 minutes ! Thanks
May 08
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Loved it
May 01
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only 1 page already make my belly hurt to dead XD buz i laugh too much
Apr 18
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it is a very funny manga ,worth reading.
Mar 12
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1 page and this manga made me laugh
Feb 28
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There's only 1 page of it, when a lot of it comes out I'm gonna love it so much
Feb 27
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