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Miss Riktor
I was drawn to the unique art style of this, but the story itself was a fantastic read! I look forward to seeing what else the author creates!
Feb 23
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I loved this!
Dec 06
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This is the first work of his that I've read. It's good.
Nov 04
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Justin Andrew Mason
This was a fantastic one shot manga. Fun art and fantastic plot. I would really like to see more manga featuring Flen, and learn more about her story, her ability, and see how her potential to grow emotionally works out.
Aug 31
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Samuel Grande
This was a longer one-shot than the rest I've read thus far... And oh boy is it so much better than when I've read thus far as well! My standards for rating are gonna go higher from this lol. This was really good!
Aug 30
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Wide-eyed Wander
This was quite a quirky manga that didnt end how i would expect it to just was great as it surprised me. I was able to engage with the characters positively from their dynamic personalities.
Aug 25
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Wow! This was awesome! I was not expecting the twist at all. This one shot tells a complete story, but I sure would love to see more of Flen's journey.
Aug 20
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very like to read one with a nice drawing looked at
Aug 20
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This story took me by surprise. It had some twists that I didn't expect. The artwork is simplistic, yet effective in displaying the characters' expressions. The pacing of the story was just right for me. It wasn't too fast or too slow. I recommend this manga.
Aug 18
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