Reviews / Genetic Potential

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I guess it was interesting, but really short. Also kind of messed up plot about using a girls body.
Aug 17
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Wasted Potential. There is a hint that there is sex but no illustrations of it. Even a few frames more of the men getting ready/how she feels about the situation would have been appreciated. The premise is unique and interesting but the execution is extreeeeeeeeeeemly lackluster.
Aug 16
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I didn't like this manga. The artwork was terrible, especially the parts with the screentones. It made the manga have a cheap and grainy appearance. I wasn't a fan of the font used for the text in this manga because it was difficult to make out the words in the sentences. Also, I found a few typos in some sentences. The characters and the story were boring that I had a hard time reading through some parts.

Aug 11
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Plot holes everywhere, there's insinuation about sex but no actual sex. So really, you're watching to see a bunch of girls being talked about taken advantage of
May 15
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