Reviews / How Misuzu Got a Leg Up

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Well it went straight to the point lol but it still surprised me its good
Aug 01
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Maya Aurora
The artwork is so beautiful. I actually like their storyline and overall it's great!
Jun 29
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I wish more chapters were free. I don't think I would enjoy this.. but I wanted to read more because of the blackhaired character that pops up at the end of chapter 1.

Why did the girl yield so quickly. He's such a jerk. Not a fan.

Aug 25
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Gothic Sugar
This is one of tose manga that just leaves me sitting there thinking ...seriously? The main female character gives in entirely too easily and it irritates me that there's the mouth says no, body says yes mentality.

The art is nice and there is kabedon foe those who are into that. Three stars for the art and the hopes that someone will report the salesman to HR
Aug 25
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The main character is a little weak will and plot line can be predictable. A good try nonetheless!
Aug 22
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Wide-eyed Wander
The art is nice but I'm lacking the motivation to really feel invested in the female protagonist she doesn't have much of a personality.
Aug 21
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The art was very nice & it’s fast paced & interesting :0 I would continue reading if I had coins lol
Aug 21
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There's close to no plot here, our protagonist heroine has the personality of a doormat, but at least there's a sadistic character in glasses~
Wish I could read more chapters with tickets though, so I could see if it gets any better along the way.
Aug 21
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based on just the first chapter story seems interesting, the art is nice, and the characters look good too.
Aug 19
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Wow so good
Aug 14
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It would have gotten more stars if chapter four was in English not French.
Jul 07
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Dee YumiAmethyst
I can't understand the last chapter
May 03
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I dont understand the last chapter. English please...
Mar 20
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I thnk she should choose the black haired dude. love it!!
Feb 18
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