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This is one of the A-list series on this site! I would say if you like Dexter or Criminal Minds, you would like this manga. It has 13+ volumes in Japan, so hopefully it will all be eventually translated into English.
Oct 28
thumb_up 2
Fantastic manga. I already have read the french version. At times very gory but it's simply very exciting to see the heroine's past unveiled! Organ traffic manga, an unique topic. Art is fantastic. Really!!
Oct 14
thumb_up 3
Rafael Nguyen Alvarez
A good psychological/intense Manga to read on your spare time.
Oct 14
thumb_up 4
This is one good, thrilling manga we're all lucky to have access to! It's got an animation ongoing. :)
Oct 09
thumb_up 2
Justin Andrew Mason
Good start to what could be a interesting manga. Tamaki is coolly calculating and very matter-of-fact. A few subtle hints are dropped alluding to her past and how she became involved with Dr. Hayashi. I look forward to reading more.
Oct 06
thumb_up 10