Reviews / Golden Wind, Silver Bus

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Is ut comedy? Couse it feel so good
Jun 01
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Justin Andrew Mason
Hi! I’m a sunflower! Now I'm sad. Another endearing one shot manga by Keisuke Odagiri -- right in the feels. :/
Sep 07
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Samuel Grande
I thought that the dream was the actual story embedded onto the song as a soul, and she was playing the tune that created this world that would let us see the memories. I think that plot would have been much cooler, but I guess this is fine too.
Also, you made a little mistake on page 8 where you wrote the same character introduction twice in a row lol :3
Aug 30
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Wide-eyed Wander
It was such a deeply emotional musical manga that really conveys how music can connect to people we have lost.
Aug 25
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It's a little weird, but within a few frames, I knew how the story would end. Even still, the ending was very touching.
Aug 25
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Although the story was a tad predictable, it was a good read. When reading the story, I couldn't help but wonder that everything that happened was kinda like a deep metaphor for something.

The last pages were touching and a bit bittersweet.

I recommend this one-shot!
Aug 24
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