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I'm a sucker for sports mangas in general and I've read a fair share of tennis sports mangas but this is quite refreshing. A lot of the humor so far has been a hit for me. I end up chuckling quite a bit with whatever antics Maguma makes.
Dec 07
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"Do you know why professional players are able to serve so fast?"
"Because they use the ball to try and kill their opponents."

What happens when one's killer shot fails? If your opponent is still alive, then surely the match is over for you. Maguma -- our sports-obsessed child protagonist who doesn't play well with others, decides to make the transition from swinging a bat to swinging a racquet. Maguma is a quick learner but he's not the best anymore. Rather than using brute force, he finds out that he needs to begin utilizing his wits as he can't just whack the back into the outfield anymore.

Gut's is similar to the renowned Baby Steps -- it's about finding a new hobby and building up your passion for it. It tells the tale of learning new things, strengthening your body, acquiring new abilities, and pushing yourself to the limit until you cannot press on any further -- then picking yourself back up and breaking the new limit you just created. It's also got a cute female character,
Nov 24
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