Reviews / I Cast My Mantle To The Air.

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Another Comedy!
Jun 01
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Justin Andrew Mason
Holy wow, that escalated quickly!! 8O I can honestly say I didn't see that coming. The story as all like, "cute... cute... cute... and, then , Wham!"
Aug 31
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Samuel Grande
Slowly but surely, this author is becoming one of my favorites. The art style and panel style are just perfect. The text felt a bit childish at the beginning, but maybe that was intended (or maybe I got used to it and forgot about it at some point). Also, capes/mantles are in fact super cool. Why did it ever go out of fashion anyway? Reservation of cloth or something?
Aug 29
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Wide-eyed Wander
It was a fun quirky manga that had a bittersweet end.
Aug 25
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Wow. Other than the ending, this was AWESOME!
Aug 24
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