Reviews / What is your role? I watch.

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Samuel Grande
This one-shot has a lot of depth in it. The only thing that really bothered me was the backstory of the village system - why is it so strict and grim? That's not a world I would like to live in D:
I really did like this one. This author in general makes some really great pieces.
Aug 30
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Justin Andrew Mason
This is a heartfelt one shot manga about the struggle between following our desires or fulfilling our assigned roles in society. And, ultimately, about becoming complacent. I'm of the camp who believes that living an unhappy life for the sake of the expectations of others is a waste of positive energy. So, this manga made me a bit sad. It's very well written, with fun art, and the single chapter was unexpectedly lengthy at over 40-pages.
Aug 25
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WOW. That was so sad and unexpected at the end.
Aug 25
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This one-shot is one of the most saddest I've ever read. This one-shot makes you wonder how exactly the author came up with its story. The story is very unique!

I also love the pacing and the art in this story. The pacing is just right and the art conveys the characters' emotions well.

I HIGHLY suggest that you read this at one point in your life! :D
Aug 24
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Wide-eyed Wander
This is a beautiful & unique plot that really evokes your emotions in a single one shot.
Aug 24
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Well written. Beautiful art. Why! Why the one shot? Poor clocks
Aug 12
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Hmm... That ending was mostly bitter and not very sweet.
Nov 30
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