Reviews / Jadou: The Corrupt Path

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Justin Andrew Mason
Corporate espionage in the noodle biz. :D I got a kick out the plot. It's presented as a serious story, but is incredibly silly, and I kind of like that.
Sep 09
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Wide-eyed Wander
I didn't feel very invested in the characters as they kind of lacked layers of personality of me. But the art of the food is definitely well done.
Aug 24
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David C.
The nice drawing of the noodles!
I really like food manga!
Aug 23
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The first chapter took a turn I wasn't expecting, and that's good! The pacing after such event went too fast in my opinion. I get that it's a first chapter, but I didn't see any character that interested me. That's all minor though, It is the first chapter after all. But I am intrigued, so I may keep reading it. It gives me food wars vibes. Seems like it could be an interesting series, and making ramen shops the main setting makes it 100x more interesting!
Aug 15
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Old school art style and interesting start. I'm unsure after the first chapter if it will be a slice of life, or change to something else. I did enjoy how the whole chapter was used to do some world building and set up the scene for further chapters. I'll definetly be continuing this one to see where it goes.
Aug 11
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