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Jannelle PelicanoAlexandra
How can I read this for free?
Aug 23
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I cried reading this.
Thank you so much for making this manga
Jul 15
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DiazKate Louelle
Thank you so much Jose Rizal for our country.Its so sad that Rizal died for our country.
Jun 22
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Kinda sad and dark...
Jun 01
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Thank you for this manga on Dr. Jose Rizal.
Apr 09
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It was a good manga but it was kind of boring to me. But after all it was a good story line and had good art.
Jan 15
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5 stars for it :)

But the story is still incomplete. I really like the plot though I already know the story. Due to inssuficient historical data about the Rizal family, we really can't fill up the real events of his lifetime.
Jan 08
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amapula aguhob
I am very proud that even Japanese people like you author knows about our national hero.Thank you very much for hard work.
Jan 03
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Mae S. DatorMarielle
Wow gonna recommend this to my fellow history club members
Nov 10
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Thank you for retelling hia story in a more interesting way. Reading the manga was more enjoyable than my books. #justsaying
Oct 10
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I'm hoping for our hero to be noticed as a caster servant.
Sep 11
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Interesting spin on a historical character from the philipines being adapted into a manga format. The art its worth looking at
Aug 25
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Being Filipino myself, this manga intrigued me. I think the art is quite good with good shadowing and thick lines that make the drawing stick out if the page. In regards to the writing, I really wasn't feeling the narration and the quick jump to one of Rizal's defining moments in his boyhood in the first chapter - It would've been better if there was some build up to his character before - to see how the event changed him from a naive/innocent boy
Aug 25
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Lordwyn Ning
Really great read! Chapters are pretty short but the art style is fantastic. As a Filipino, it’s great to see one of our national heroes get some recognition through some different form of media.
Aug 24
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Wide-eyed Wander
This is a riveting manga & Is truly a piece of art. I love that they are taking a history figure & telling his story. The pacing was amazing & It really was able to heighten the tension. I feel so invested in the characters.
Aug 23
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I really like the art style, hopefully a successful historic.
Aug 22
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I am looking forward to see how they would create the story lines. The first chapter seems promising!
Aug 21
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Very interesting historical manga! This has lots of potential!
Aug 21
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Allison Annabel
Aug 18
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John Cunan
The author really studied the history and the culture of the Philippines. from the ancient spanish houses, the clothes of the Filipinos and to the character designs but there are one character whose design was far off from being Filipino, the character was Rizal's sister who has twintails.

I was surprised that the story was very detailed each character was known by the author and as a Filipino I appreciate the author's work it makes me proud that someone was interested to our national hero.

I recommend this manga to those who are Interested to the Philippines and to those who like non fiction because this story was based on real life but some of the character design was inaccurate but overall 4 out 5, I'm definitely going to read more.
Aug 18
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Dan Alvin Cariaga
I remembered the days when I read about his life story using only a plain text from a textbook. Not really my cup of tea. But now, its really fun & interesting to read in a form of a manga. The art is really neat. I mean who wouldn't root for Jose Rizal's sister that looks like an idol taken from this day & age!
Aug 17
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Shien Takezou
Promising series
Aug 17
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Aylward Pabua Sanchez
As a Filipinos, it is itsuch a previlage to read a kind of manga. Looking back on the days on how Dr. Jose Rizal lives not on the dry all letter books but on manga
Aug 16
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Interesting story. I will read more of this.
Aug 14
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