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Kinda confused me a bit at the beginning but it is still an enjoyable read cant wait for more :)
Sep 25
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Oh my.. it makes me crying from the start hufftt..
Jun 01
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i love this <3
Mar 03
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I love it so much thanks for sharing your story I love keep up the good work and more soon please
Feb 22
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the anime gamer
Feb 14
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It caught my attention from the beggining. The art style and how the story developed was amazing.
Dec 29
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Renesmee Renee
Dec 19
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This story is just as twisted as Kuzu no Honkai. I really there were more chappies ;;;
Dec 03
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i love the story and the revind story but i realy want to ship those both childhood friends as they both were so close first . i hope the next part comes soon.
Nov 24
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Ican't believe I never wrote a review for this!

This is one of the stories I picked up when manga club was promoted by TOM-- I really liked the story- the art.

It's very new to me. Reminds me of that other cheating series I read, but the art is still so nice. I can't wait to read the remaining chapters with the ticket!and completed series YAY
Aug 25
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I really like this story and it is very well written with a great art style. I don't like that the main character is obsessed with her childhood friend that treats her terribly. She stops coming to school because of how much he hurt her. No guy is ever worth that. I really like the character, I wish she'd get over him. He's a mess. I may not like this aspect of the character, but this is a realistic trait so it still gets 5 stars. I highly recommend it.
Aug 25
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I only read the first chapter, but I will say this:


Also, the storyline is very interesting. It is about a girl who loves her childhood friend (who is a jerk, by the way), and he's kind of a playboy. She lives with her roommate who's actually in love with her.

This story has hints of girl love and also some kissing scenes, so if you can handle it, you should try reading the first chapter!

Aug 24
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It looks pretty and the story is interesting for a typical high-school romance. It's a little confusing to read sometimes as it's not always easy to tell what's a flashback, a dream, or what's really happening. It's also not always easy to tell what character is talking.
Aug 23
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Pretty art, this makes me think of Netsuzou TRap lol
Aug 23
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Wide-eyed Wander
The art style is gorgeous but the pacing of the story is all over the place & confusing to follow. I liked how it's a love triangle with two girls.
Aug 23
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The art is pretty, very shoujo-like style.
The plot is a bit messy. The events are somehow thrown around without any cue as to where or when they are taking place, the twists occur while the reader still didn't get the status quo. The character motivations feel forced and shallow.
It feels like a lot of this is due the rushness of the narrative flow and too eager to pass an 'edgy' and 'too cool to this world' vibe to the characters, attempting to enhance the drama
Aug 23
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Justin Andrew Mason
What an incredibly frustrating trio of self-centered characters. I suppose that was the whole point of the story, but I couldn't find any redeeming qualities to any of the characters within the manga. It's well made, the art is nice, and if the point was to make you want to smack some common sense into ( and plead for empathy from) all three of them, it's really well written. I honestly feel pity for anyone who suffered this sort of youth.
Aug 22
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Neko Frau
It's.... Interesting, but The personalities are so plain in my opinion
Aug 22
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Childhood romance
Aug 22
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Love the art. It's beautiful and cute.
The plot could use some structure work though... It's the definition of confusing... I'll keep reading it because it's a strange love triangle, but it's really hard to follow...
Aug 21
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Art style is cute and very shoujo, plot is a basic love triangle. Seems like it has potential but so far seems predictable in how it's trying to be unpredictable.
Aug 21
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Very interesting and amazing art!
Aug 21
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Arts nice but I’m confused
Aug 21
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Allison Annabel
It's confusing, i'm waiting for updates.
Aug 19
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