Reviews / Contract of Cherry Blossom Guilt

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Very good yoai
Sep 12
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Definitely interesting
Aug 23
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Wide-eyed Wander
If you need a cry this is the manga for you. It is very tragic & more bitter than it is sweet but sometimes crying is good for the soul. Art was beautiful.
Aug 21
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The first chapter was the low point of the entire manga. All the subsequent chapters were utterly beautiful. I love the retelling of these historical tales, and actually managed to learn a lot too. The personalities of each character was unique and interesting. The best relationship was definitely Yoshitsune and Benkei, though Yoshitsune and Shizuoka was also sweet. Note that these are not sweet romance stories - heavy warnings for rape and abuse in the first chapter, and every story afterwards was heavily bittersweet. But then again there are no stories about Yoshitsune that aren't tragic.
Aug 17
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It was alright. The art style was pretty and I like the historical setting. However, the characters and plot weren't that memorable for me.
Aug 16
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Nicole Price
Would read more. It is a bit violent though.
Aug 11
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The art is rather pretty, but that first chapter was just depressing and not at all romantic. I couldn't even call that a relationship because it wasn't consensual and pretty abusive, so I just wish I had picked something else to read. I was looking for cute historical boys, not something so...unpleasant
Aug 11
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