Reviews / Kiss Through The Mask

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Nyaaaaaaaaa~~~!!! Really cute Fuwano-chan!!! So adorable.
Feb 19
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Ngọc TrangNguyễn
kawaii ne!
Jan 23
thumb_up 2
This is so good I saw CDawgVA read this and I wanted to read more so I did and this is amazing I got my friends into it because who wouldn't this is amazing it definitely needs more than 5 stars congrulations this is manga!!!!
Jan 04
thumb_up 7
ดีครัชbebellby เอง
Dec 15
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i loved it!!! nice!
Dec 09
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Demon godness
I love it. It’s so funny and emotional.
Dec 05
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Wonderful. Sweet and emotional.
Sep 02
thumb_up 7