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Maya Aurora
The storyline is good but I don't really like the art work.
Jun 24
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My favorite so far
Jun 20
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Awesome and the characters are so cute!
Jun 04
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Chicken Little6664
F*CKING AMAZING!!! Lovin the story and characters :D
Perfect balance of that spicy sh*t and story plot
May 15
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I love it =) I was laughing, getting mad and crying all at once. Maybe because it was that good or maybe because I am just that sappy but I still loved it.
Apr 03
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you are grounded
i love it it's great if you love yaoi
Mar 25
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I loved the story it was pretty good
Dec 18
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Great series!
I like the cast of characters and how the story unfolds. Looking forward to the next chapter.
Nov 27
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Kei Enjoji
`like this story !! `ll be better and better from chapter to chapter.
This is my first long Yaoi-Manga, I love it.
Oct 26
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This is the first one I've commented with my review.... Pulls at my heart like no other manga I've read on here so far has....keep up the great work!
Oct 23
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I love reading all kinds of manga. But this one live an imprint on my heart. That I can't wait for the next story line
Oct 20
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