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Yoo ShinKwon
love it
Dec 03
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So cute
Jun 30
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Maya Aurora
It's not enough... They are so seductive and I love it! They deserve more than 5 STARS!!!
Jun 25
thumb_up 17
It’s good. I wish there’s more. #bitin
Jun 24
thumb_up 1
Overall, the story was sweet with just the right amount of intimacy/smut in it. I like how Ryosuke convinced Yuga that Yuga was worthy of being loved and did not deserved to be used by others who did not care about him. I like how they both described how intense their feelings for each other were - overflowing. The drawings of the characters were nicely done.
Jun 18
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The Purple Witch
I love the artwork on this!
Jun 13
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It needs more but I am totally in love with this
Apr 30
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you are grounded
this deserves 15 stars
Apr 09
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This was a cute one-shot. Nice art and right amount of smut.
Mar 10
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anime for life
this i fabulous and hot
Mar 10
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