Reviews / Night Walk Faraway

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Nice story
Jan 06
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Justin Andrew Mason
I was really surprised by this one shot manga. It's a cute, heartwarming story wrapped around something very dark and ominous. The balance between innocence and the inevitable is really engaging. I'm actually pretty impressed the tone and vibe the creator set in such a short story.
Sep 07
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Samuel Grande
This one-shotter immersed me instantly. The mystery of the tall man at first, the concern of where they are going, and the smooth transitions between the past and present. I could read this all day, if this was a full-length manga with multiple volumes.
Aug 28
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Wide-eyed Wander
A real heartwarming & lovely manga that leaves you with a smile.
Aug 25
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As the kids would say, "That got me right in the feels..."
Aug 22
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D'awww!! So SWEET!! I LOVE this!! I think the tall mysterious man is meant to be a metaphor. As to what kind of'll have to read and decide for yourself.
Aug 20
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