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Really liked this! Hope to read more from you
Oct 07
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Justin Andrew Mason
I kind of like the rough art style, and I do like the fact that the manga is in full color. However, the characters are completely unlikable, whiny, and belligerent. I find myself more frustrated with their outburst than intrigued by the mystery.
Sep 08
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This manga greatly reminded me of the movie "Don't Blink", where all of the characters vanish. I'm not too big of a fan of the art style, nor the characters. Most of the characters are bullies and almost get Nisa killed. I don't recommend this manga at all.
Aug 23
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Didn't care for the art style and the story was a little messed up...but thrillers can be like that. I liked it enough to finish it, but I probably wouldn't read it again.
Aug 17
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Neat art style, short story with an interesting and strange plot.
Aug 12
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Interesting and suspenseful!
Jun 04
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Arun Raj
It's ok..I just tagged the suspense story and I found out the poster...The reason I read this is because of the title poster which have been used...Anyways It's a one time readable story and has infact the contents of black magic in it..hehe
Apr 08
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very interesing history an a very good horror manga.
Feb 22
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Being fully coloured with a realistic art style, this manga is a really nice read with a fast paced and gripping story.
A group of friends go to an old cabin in the woods together. They stumble upon a book that can allegedly summon ghosts. Soon after, strange things start happening.
Dec 29
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