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Samuel Grande
If your reaction to being hungry is punching someone in the face, then you probably need some help cause I don't think that's normal lol
Aug 30
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Justin Andrew Mason
I'm trying to write this review, but I got some dust stuck in my eye.
Aug 25
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Wide-eyed Wander
It's a beautiful but bittersweet manga about loss, letting go & beginning anew.
Aug 25
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Too cute to be so sad! I really liked it, but couldn't stop crying.
Aug 25
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That hit me right in the feels, man! Read this story if you want to read a short story that leaves you with a bittersweet ending. The storyline is beautiful yet short. As a reader, I expected the outcome, but I like how the author wrote and drew it!
Aug 24
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A sad,but sweet story. This shows how some people can fill sometimes when their friends move way.
Aug 11
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Aug 10
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Aw man... Sad but sweet.
Nov 30
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