Reviews / Shokudama

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Justin Andrew Mason
A fun and interesting premise for a manga. I really look forward to seeing additional chapters. I really like how the first three chapters seem to complete a story arc.
Sep 07
thumb_up 1
Nathan Lin
I like it! It's kind of light-hearted and funny, and after reading the 3 available chapters, you sort of gain an understanding of the plot.
Aug 24
thumb_up 4
A good quick read, but nothing terribly special.
Aug 16
thumb_up 4
Official_ Dcc
Aug 12
thumb_up 4
Laurent Musique
j'aime bien ce style de manga vivement l'anime
Aug 12
thumb_up 2
After 2 chapters it's starting to get a bit more interesting. Quirky story about a young swordsman with talent helping the spirits of "food" reach nirvana. It's a light read with silly humor.
Aug 12
thumb_up 3