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Acceptance of ones self
Dec 05
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Justin Andrew Mason
This one shot manga really reflects on the struggle of recognizing self worth. I kind of wish it was longer so the characters' personas could be expanded upon.
Sep 09
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Samuel Grande
That was quite an interesting story. I feel like there could have been a better resolution, it ended too quickly o:
Can't wait to read more from the author
Aug 30
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Wide-eyed Wander
This manga was an emotional roller coaster & I am impress that the mangaka was able to spin in in such an intense story in just a one shot.
Aug 25
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David C.
Interesting story and love the art!
Teenagers are going through a lot and this story kind of point out. The story seems fast paste wish there are more detail with the story.
Aug 23
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I was kind of shocked the way it ended if it did because I did not expect it to end so quickly, but the story still has a great moral to teach and it's heart-warming.
Aug 22
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Gothic Sugar
This manga was a bit surreal in the way it represented the two sides of the frustration of isolation. Unfortunately, the whole experience can be surreal in and of itself, especially as a teenager.

The art is complimentary to the story, having a simple and honeat quality. The character's aren't too cute for the subject and though they seem simply drawn, they're portrayed in a complex way. An example of this is the way that Michiru is drawn. The artist took their time with the emotional aspects of the characters.

And yes, the ending seems abrupt to some, but it's not open ended like so many one shots. The audience is actually given a sense of closure.
Aug 19
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story seems good but I wished it could have been longer to give more details on some events and a proper conclusion. but overall was a good read
Aug 19
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Wait--that's it?! The ending is so abrupt! I mean, the characters are SO relatable and I want to see a happy ending for both of them, but this just...stops. Make this a series!!
Aug 18
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I enjoyed this story because the characters were relatable. Michiru reminded me of what I was like when I was teen. All I did back then was endless studying like her. I'm sad that it ended so suddenly because I was absorbed in the story and the characters.
Aug 18
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I enjoyed this manga. The characters were really relatable to how I grew up. This was a very well written one shot and I wish there was more to this story and these characters. I really enjoyed how the art was drawn as well.
Aug 18
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Interesting story, though the ending is too abrupt. The art is quite good and fits the tone well.
Aug 17
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A very heart-warming story.
Jul 28
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Christina Yuri
Amazing story, I really loved it
May 23
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