Reviews / The Demon King of the Sixth Heaven

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Are there gonna be any more chapters?
Jan 03
thumb_up 5
Wide-eyed Wander
It is a gripping fantasy adventure that is full of mystery making it quite the page turner. The art style & colouring is gorgeous & Is full of intense action.
Aug 24
thumb_up 27
Justin Andrew Mason
Fantastic manga. Amazing art, wonderful use of color, and a wonderfully unique take on the story. I'm really looking forward to reading future chapters.
Aug 23
thumb_up 5
Good read for sure!
Aug 11
thumb_up 5
Celeste k
This is cool to read about and I love the art style. Kinda wanna learn more.
Aug 11
thumb_up 2
I wanted to read something different, something that might not be within my usual tastes, and I found this. I'm really into it so far! It's cool that this story teaches me some real history at the same time as well, so that's a plus for me, since I like history.
Aug 01
thumb_up 14
Heh I like these kind of characters which is rarely made Its really fantastic I would like to read more because you rarely see these types
Jun 23
thumb_up 14
wow. its only 2 episodes. yet it gives me goosebump
Jun 21
thumb_up 11