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think what wil happen to the dinamic duo will they get to gether or will they hate each others guts after this war!!!!!!
Sep 27
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I've read it twice now, the emotion is strong and deep and the story's surreal.
Mar 29
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Not Cake
Awesome, but rip the cliffhanger.
Mar 28
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I love it, but... it has been over a year now. Where are other parts?
Mar 03
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Pyscho Pass.......
Feb 24
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Spero che continui presto!
Dec 05
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When does new chapters come out? Cause I read this majority in one night about a month ago, forgot about it, and remembered it checked up and still no knew chapters.
Nov 02
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It gives off a dystopic vibe of our current society, where in we are judged by our backgrounds and traits and not by our true nature. It is society that forces us to become who we are. Some see the "cake" as a happy ending for them, it give an acute pleasure of sweetness but it's also a coward escape to society's cave*.
*Plato's Cave Allegory
Oct 22
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Awesome story and art, transitions in story are a bit jarring- but it's more a storytelling trait than a flaw.
Oct 06
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Great story so far
Oct 04
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I love this manga
Sometime I think the world is better without "sinner" and maybe world will become better without them so, but world without sin is just a world of lie system that we can't have our free will
Oct 02
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Đăng LinhHà
it's surprisingly good, the base story is good, the development feels full of random thought from the author. At first glance it seems like it's trying to uncover the past of the protagonists in a pushy way, but at the same time it feels like just a collection of short stories that the mangaka randomly writes out without any purpose whatsoever. Its a dark story written in doraemon style, its weird but I like it.

I don't know how long its has been suspended but I hope it can continue soon, I feel the manga is gonna end around chapter 20 though. He probably told everything he wanted to tell us, just need to wrap it up with a good ending.
Oct 02
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I've just read a couple chapters but it's interesting so far.
Sep 03
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Wide-eyed Wander
I find the plot really intriguing & fascinated for of the conflict that could occur. It's quite an action packed manga that really makes you think. It dives into a mind of a society that predetermines whether their people that evil. It reminds me of the church preaching that babies are born from the sins of the humans before us like adam & eve but we find salvation from Jesus. It's kinda fucked up to be constantly reminded that we are filthy sinners.
Aug 25
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Really great manga. Good art style and plot. I love alternate, dystopian societies. I recommend to those who enjoyed Hunger Games and Divergent.
Aug 25
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I've only read six chapters, but it's pretty good so far! I love the characters and it has its surprising moments! Only wish there was more action and a bit of romance. Other than that, I recommend reading this!
Aug 25
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Have only read 5 chapters so far. It has nice drawing and is easy to follow. I feel it may be moving a bit fast as we quickly learn things about characters. Have not gotten far enough to determine the way the manga will continue, but as of right now it is ok and is worth a read to get a feel for the plot and characters.
Aug 24
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A manga set in a utopian society which explores the perspective of those who view it as a dystopia.
The art style really emphasizes the gruesome reality of such a society. The story moves rather quickly, but does a good job of capturing interest while maintaining momentum. Worth a read if you're interested in dystopian novels with a side of action.
Aug 23
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I am really loving this manga. The drawing and art type is amazing! The plot gets more interesting every chapter!
Aug 23
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After having read five chapters it's a pretty interesting manga. There's action and emotion, and the art is stylish if unpolished. But things go way too fast and we still don't know anything about the main character aside from where he comes from. I hope the rest will go more slowly so I can get more invested in what's happening.
Aug 23
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Is sin imprinted on our DNA? Do our birth conditions determine whether we become criminals or good citizens? These are just some of the questions this manga tells about. Dark and philosophical, the story is shocking from the very first chapter. It's definitely worth following.
Aug 23
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Justin Andrew Mason
Dark. Gritty. And, with a focus on how quickly and easily a "civilized" society can descend into fascism. I find the protagonists immediately likeable, even if at times I question their morality. This manga borrows heavily from well trodden themes in the science fiction dystopian genre, but presents them in a way that's different enough to be interesting. Really great art. Vive la résistance!
Aug 22
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A great manga that asks many important philosophical and moral questions. The characters have interesting backstories. It's a heavy and dark subject matter, but as our society changes we need to ask ourselves lots of hard questions that this manga wants you to think about.

Definitely worth reading, even if only to remind people that no matter what side, we all are human and don't deserve to be treated badly.
Aug 22
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I would have to say that this manga so far has been more entertaining than I had originally thought it was going to be. The overall premise and a different take on a dystopia creates interesting characters and relates to a nature and nurture situation. The story skips around sometimes and makes the flow of the manga a bit jarring at times but definitely would binge read these on occasion.
Aug 22
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