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I flew through this. I want more!! I want to see where this goes. This is one of the better idol stories (although basically the idol is stuck in the middle of a war). The chapters are WAY too short!
Aug 17
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Definitely a fun read so far! It didn't grab me at first but the art is pretty detailed and nice to look at, with the story getting more entertaining as it goes on. Worth a look for sure.
Aug 17
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Laurent Musique
pas mon style mais beau dessins
Aug 17
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Rafael Nguyen Alvarez
Waruginia has what it takes to make a great anime if there isn't one already.
Aug 15
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Good art and interesting story line. ^-^
Aug 12
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Justin Andrew Mason
Fun manga by Kenta Hashiura. Kind of a grab bag of all the best themes. I hope to see new updates soon!

(Update: Sadly, after discussing this manga with the artist, it sounds as if Waruginia may not have future updates. Disappointing as I enjoyed it enough that I spent Coins to purchase the chapters. I hope to see more from Kenta Hashiura in the future.)
Aug 01
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I can't put it down. I am new to Manga but so far I love it.
Mar 21
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really good ^^ the art is admirable and the whole world of this manga is beautifully imaginative :3 can't wait for more
Mar 11
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