Reviews / The wizard who came back

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Justin Andrew Mason
This is a really fun one shot manga that teaches some important life lessons. Hard work and perseverance are the true source of magic. :)
Aug 31
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Samuel Grande
This was a really sweet one, once again! The author never ceases to amaze me with their work. It was fun to read, the pacing was perfect, the story was interesting, and the art is on point like always.
Aug 30
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Wide-eyed Wander
I like how it was an amazing fairy tale adventure that had great & dimensional characters.
Aug 25
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SO SWEET!! For a little while it looked like it was going to turn dark, but the ending was awesome.
Aug 25
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Gothic Sugar
I was getting such Rumplestiltskin and Pied Piper vibes from this, but it was a really sweet story.

The art reminds me of something aimple like a children's book and it really suits the tone of the manga.
Aug 25
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I wasn't sure about this based on the art style, but this was super heart warming and cute! It started to feel like Harvest Moon after a while, and the art reminded me of it too.
Aug 13
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Awesome work! I love how everything fits together! Thank you for bringing a free yet professional quality book!
Oct 31
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