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Gothic Sugar
This is a very cute story about getting close to others. The reason that Yukimi distances herself is really kind of sad, but the solution ads a more human element her personality. I do recommend this. I also think it would be nice to see a side series focusing on Yukimi trying to fit in again and maybe branching out.
Aug 17
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Damn I love Emi’s works her artstyle is just unique and cute, anyway this one has a cute and heartwarming story the character development is good too on Yukimi, it’s a good worthwhile short read
Aug 13
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adorable story, good character development with Yukimi
Jul 09
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Midori Gurin
I Absolutly loved it! I just wish it was longer, good job! :)
Jun 02
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Yukimi Records will stir your curiosity toward the characters and their stories. You will be able to think about how the past, the present, and the future will matter to you as they matter to the characters in the story. The characters are admirable and interesting and the plot will surely stick with you even after reading!
Nov 22
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