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I really didn't expect it to go around like that ..It's awesome
Feb 08
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Now that it's officially over, I can say that this is personally one of my favorite yuri mangas on this website. I didn't expect a whole lot from this, but it turned out to be really cute overall. It even had some scenes that made me laugh out loud.
Feb 04
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Interesting!!!!! lol
Nov 18
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This is freaking hilarious on so many levels. Brilliant.
Nov 18
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Disregarding the slight creepiness, it's absolutely hilarious and does a great job at bringing out all the yuri tropes. Definitely worth the read!
Nov 17
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this actually made me laugh out loud... DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THAT. very few manga make me laugh out loud
Nov 13
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Rafael Nguyen Alvarez
Well, Yuri does make the world go round.
Nov 06
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Interesting, creepy and funny.
Nov 06
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Justin Andrew Mason
Well, that's simultaneously amusing and creepy. Mostly creepy.
Oct 31
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