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Minhaaj 00
This is actually really interesting, the gore may not be for everyone but it's quite compelling!
Eu não costumo ler muitos seinen, mas sei dizer quando um mangá é interessante, ou melhor, intrigante, por que esse é o tipo de trama que te atraí, te deixa curioso pela resposta, pelo "Clímax" da trama.
I'm not reading too many mangas, but i think this start good. The main villian reminds me for one serial killer from "Hannibal". Here the bad guy try to builg girl using body parts from his victims. But why? I think he have some reason to do this.
Main character looks interesting too, seems he is newbie and he loves mystery. Maybe he'll have romance with that blonde girl, and maybe she'll be next/last victim? I'll be glad to see.

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