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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Services

A. FREE works can be read even without a membership.
But you need to register as a free member to read manga that requires "bonus ticket" and/or "coin purchase".
A. Please click the "user" icon in the upper right
A. After you successfully access the user page by clicking the "user" icon, click the "Sign out" button.
A. Go to your user page and select "Edit profile" then click "Unregister" button.
A. If you're using the browser in private mode, you can't automatically sign in to the website. Please sign in again through the "user" icon.
A. Highly recommended to use the following Operating System:
Windows 7 (PC) or above
OSX (PC) or above
iOS 9 (Smartphone) or above
Android 4.4 (Smartphone) or above

Highly recommended to use the following Browsers:
Internet Explorer 11.x or above
Safari (Latest version)
Google Chrome (Latest version)
※ Android standard browser is not supported.
※ Depending on the customer's browser setting, there are also cases when the recommended browsers could not display the website correctly
A. Unfortunately, currently, MANGA.CLUB is only available through a browser.

Reader Guide

A. There are three types of service:

Free : You can read it any time without limit.

Ticket : You can use "ticket" to read one chapter manga that requires a ticket for free (can be reread within 72 hours).

Coin : You can also buy one chapter manga with coins if you want to reread it any time. The minimum amount of coins you can purchase is 100 coins. Free membership registration is required to purchase coins.
A. You can search through the search bar above. Or you can also search from the "category" and "tag" buttons.
A. If you select "Add to collection" then you have added the selected title to your "Collections."
A. An internet connection is mandatory to access MANGA.CLUB
A. Depending on your network environment, some pages might need more time to be loaded. If it still doesn't load after a while, please reload the page.

Ticket and Coin

A. "Bonus Ticket" will be granted at the time of login.
You will receive three 3 free tickets every 24 hours.
The remaining tickets will be expired after 24 hours but will be recharged again.
Use the ticket to read "Ticket-required" Manga.
A. The medium of exchange that can be used within MANGA.CLUB is called "Coin". You can use Coin to buy Paid content or contents that required Ticket as a replacement for it.
Your purchased coins expiration date is 180 days.
A. You can confirm the details of your "Tickets & Coins" on the user page which you can access by clicking the user icon in the upper right.
A. If you are short of coins while reading a manga, the "purchase" screen will be displayed.
You can also purchase coins in advance by going to the "Tickets & Coins" in your user page.
Click "Make a purchase" button in the bottom of the page to get your coins.
A. We accept two payment methods:

1. You can pay by Mastercard, American Express, and Visa credit cards through Stripe.
2. You can pay using your Paypal Account.
A. We apologize for the inconvenience, but once the payment has been made, it can't be canceled. Thus there will be no refund. Please be careful when conducting the purchase.

Inquiry Form

* Please leave the mail address blank if you do not need a reply.
* If you need a reply, please input the e-mail address that we can reach you at.
* A confirmation e-mail will automatically be sent from info@manga.club upon submission of inquiry.If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail, please check settings of your e-mail address, or use another email address to inquire again.