Enjoy this collection of steamy and intense "forbidden" relationship between co-workers!

A diligent woman and the naughty boss from Condom Department!

Ms. Machiko Kano (30 years old) is suddenly transferred to the condom sales department, something she never saw coming. Her new boss is Hayase, the top salesman surrounded in sultry rumors. She thought he was just a playboy but when she began to see his true personality her heart began to flutter. Then for "Research and Development" purposes, she had to get very physically close to him. "Even though this is for work, my feelings for Hayase have started to explode!"

She is just a virgin woman while he is her cousin, boss, and unrequited love interest!

Mio Works at an OBGYN and is made to help the head doctor, Yukio’s “Message board to answer sexual questions”. How to get wet, cum, ejaculate… etc. I’m a virgin, how would I know the answers!? Yukio finds out that Mio’s been looking up answers online and…! Time to answer with my virginal body!?

An ex-gang leader and her beastly office co-worker who found her secret?!

Miyuki, a woman invested in her career, has a secret. That secret is that she used to be the leader of a local gang group. She kept that fact swept away, but Hiroyuki Yamashita, the most dull guy from work, some how figures it out…! “I’ll keep your secret away with you” he says that, and stirs me from the inside, almost as if he’s a different man!? His stamina and strength is way more powerful than expected… Everything feels so good…! Yamashita, who are you!?

A sloppy virgin and her first relationship with a handsome... virgin too!

Suzu Momose is a 28 year old and virgin. She has been in love with a handsome university student, Hoshina, who works part time in her department. Suzu wants to tell him how she feels before he graduates and gets a full-time job in the spring. Surprisingly, Suzu finds out Hoshina has liked her, too, but their first sex doesn't go well..."Are we sexually incompatible...?" It troubles Suzu, so her colleague Sasazaki tells her, "Why don't we practice?"

A new comic editor and her boss who once slept with him in the past!

"I'm going to be your first man, Ichika" ---- Ichika gets dumped by her boyfriend on the day of their first trip together. A man who was watching her getting dumped offers her to be her pretend boyfriend and go on a trip with Ichika. He has a sharp tongue and be mean to Ichika, but he holds her so gently, and melts her body...Ichika thinks it is just a one-night stand, but she meets him again at an unexpected place...

The top-notch lingerie designer made a deal to be the "maid" for her junior!

Sae Akino, who works at an apparel company, Lila, has an younger assistant Kamiyama. Kamiyama works hard even though Sae is rough on him. He is someone Sae can count on, but he also tells her: "You're my type, Ms. Akino." One day, Sae gets fired suddenly unreasonably. Kamiyama tells Sae, who is very depressed, "if you'd be my maid, I can get your job back at Lila." He calls Sae by her first name and gets her into bed as if his personality has changed all of a sudden. Why does Kamiyama obsess over Sae so much? He also seems to have known her for a long time...