A strong love is the only fire you need to survive this cold season...

She was just trying to have a vacation to heal her heart... And he was there waiting to catch her.

Andrea has traveled to the small country town of Prescot to recuperate. Unfortunately she gets caught in a storm, suffers a flat tire, the storm worsens and she ends up collapsing in the snow. Luckily she receives care from Brandon, the hotel owner who rescued her. He can’t help but see himself in Andrea—she can’t seem to tear herself away from her work, and he wants her to be happy. It’s then that Brandon’s aunts tell the two about a lucky charm for lovers, saying there’s a beautiful butterfly that may only be seen by two people in love.

Abby does not need any man, still, Gar wanted to protect her at all cost.

Abby has lost her self-confidence and her courage. After being fired from her job, she felt like all her hard work was for nothing, so a heartbroken Abby ran off by herself to Lake Tahoe. Just when she had decided to pursue a more relaxing life, her car gets a flat tire in the middle of the night on a snow-covered road and she’s stranded. It’s the worst day of her life. As she holds back her tears, a hero appears in front of her. Gar, the muscular and handsome owner of a ski lodge, gives her a moment of peace. She imagined that would be the last she saw of him, but the future has something else in store for Abby!

She was just trying to look for her stepdaughter, but now she is stuck with this handsome man!

It’s been six months since she inherited her late husband’s fortune, and Neve has been struggling with her fourteen-year-old stepdaughter, Hannah, ever since. One night Neve almost gets lost in a snowstorm while running after Hannah, but she’s determined to keep going until she finds her. Suddenly a beautiful godlike man comes to rescue her. He calls himself Severo, and he carries her into a nearby house when Neve tries to continue her mission to rescue Hannah in the storm. They end up trapped by the snow and must spend the night together… What will become of Hannah? And what will happen between Severo and Neve?

Accidental love between two mountain medics!

Meg is a mountain-rescue medic and a single mother who lives with her son, Jamie. Ever since a bitter experience with her ex, she’s avoided romance and lived for her family and work. But Dino, who can’t control his attraction to Meg, invites her to a party. Meg, hesitant to trust the playboy, tries to refuse him, but she can’t resist her sensual instincts!