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As sex in the app becomes kinkier and kinkier, the more Yusuke feels about Arisaka in the real world. Hey, Arisaka...Would you install the real you in to me?

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The Cursed Hole of the Shinoda Family

After Kase, a punk peer of his teases him, he accidentally breaks the amulet that keeps the curse sealed... and then come the moans and pangs of lust!

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Love Nuisance Preventing Regulations: What do you do if you feel like somebody's watching you from behind?

Pure Stalker x Playboy Doctor. What will happen to this love story that starts with unwelcome meddling?

A Broken Heart Ally

Shouta, who's in love with his childhood friend Mei, hates Chika, who is a brother of Mei. However, they accidentally have sex after the shocking news of Mei's new boyfriend…

Host Dormitory Housekeeper

Desperate circumstances force Yudai, just your average university student, into working as a housekeeper at a dormitory of…hot hosts! The No.1 host has his eye on Yudai, who ends up tied and teased!!

Touch Me, Please: I'll be waiting in the 8th car at 7:45 every morning

Every morning, Matsui finds it sexually satisfying to get molested in the train. One day, a good-looking underclassman, Aizaki, happens to see him getting molested...Aizaki asks him, "can I molest you tomorrow onward?"

Closet DT Boys Teach You: How to Really Have Exciting Sex

Despite bragging that he can solve any kind of love problem, he's never experienced anything himself... and then, a freshman named Kumano comes by and asks him to give him a live demonstration of sexual techniques!

Boys Only Sex Classroom: Hot-Blooded Hole Training, Please!: Instant Fusion + A Seal Broken by a Mischievous Boy

He can get hard, but for some reason, he can't cum! "Don't think about anything. Just leave your body to me" Then, suddenly, Kono's teacher starts touching him down there!

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Yuya refuses to be his "wife" as he refuses to marry a man, but Akatsuki takes him to bed. Turns out Inugamis need to copulate with their wives to get energy...

Inside's God's Arms: A Room Filled With Love

Reno's got a new roommate and his name is Roger Brower. His nickname is "Casanova" and there are rumors that he sells his body for money.

The Porn Star Just Doesn't Listen

Mutou wanted to become a famous director but his first directorial debut is as a gay porn director!? Low energy Mutou gets in a fight with gay pornstar Sakuma and gets propositioned, "Do you want to get fucked? It feels good!"

A Gay Video and a Huge Awakening: 7 days drenched in Man Juice

"Please... do it to me like they do in the movies..." With his hands, his mouth, and toys, too boot! The action is even synchronized with the movies on screen! Ohhh...