There is no cure for this sickness...

The Consultant's Accidental Bride

Because of an incident a year ago, Leah left for Australia as a backpacker. Now reverting to her previous healthy mind, she is on the flight to Melbourne from Cairns to attend her best friend’s wedding as a maid of honor. Cole, a handsome doctor who happens to be sitting next to her, engages in conversation with her, and Leah feels her heart throb. However, his hurtful comment about backpackers makes her upset. A new reality awaits her upon landing—arrogant Dr. Cole is the best man of the groom!

Emergency Marriage

The woman Armando falls in love with is the former fiancée of his deceased cousin. He is a charismatic doctor in an Argentinian hospital. Laura is full of passion and excitement about her new job that she got through her lover, Diego. However, the moment she meets Armando, she is not only disrespected, she's not even allowed to do her job. Could she really have been admiring someone like that all this time? What Laura doesn’t notice is the flame of lust hidden within Armando's heart....


Mimi has spent her entire life adventuring around the world. One night, while practicing for a rafting race, her vessel collides with Marc’s cruiser. Marc, a doctor, offers to treat Mimi’s wounds and to forgive the repair cost for his boat…provided she become his assistant for three weeks. After spending so much time together, Mimi and Marc start to develop feelings for each other. But Mimi knows she could never be tied to one place, that she absolutely can’t fall for Marc. Yet, despite knowing that they could never make it work, their feelings grow stronger by the day.


When her engaged sister begs Phoebe to take her new job at a hospital in Holland, Phoebe agrees to impersonate her. Her boss, Lucius—a renowned doctor and supposed workaholic—immediately sees through the deception. Like a perfect gentleman, he listens to her tale without getting angry. Though she has never known true love, her new boss makes her heart flutter. But when he invites her to his house to meet his shy son, Phoebe is greeted by a young, beautiful governess…who clearly has it out for her.


Bella started working at the maternity ward to cover for her older sister who was, herself, on maternity leave. But one of the doctors, Scott, isn’t happy about it. When she was eighteen, Bella told Scott about her feelings for him, but he rejected her, saying she was too young for him. Because of their past, their current relationship is uncomfortable. But when Scott finds out a young man will be lodging at Bella’s house, his attitude toward her starts to change…


Gynecologist Maddie danced with a strange man at her hospital’s charity party. As a onetime divorcée, she’s been timid around men, but the time spent with this strange man was dreamy. She regretted that she never asked him for his number. She wanted to see him again! Her wish was soon granted. She meets him again at her work on the following day. He’s there to fill in for another gynecologist. Theo is a kind man, and the two of them naturally become closer. But she finds out that he has no desire to get married or have children. When she learns the reason behind it, she is devastated.