Under the one roof with the perfect husband...


Maggie, while working for a nanny temp agency, visits a luxurious penthouse. There she meets successful business owner Jason and his month-old boy, Brady. She is awed by the painfully gorgeous entrepreneur, but she hides her attraction to avoid a repeat of a past failed relationship. Maggie is speechless when Jason makes a shocking offer to give her a million dollars if she marries him. Maggie agrees so she can save her old orphanage from closing, but she doesn’t yet realize just what she’s signed up for!

The Nanny Bombshell

Sierra had to give up her twins due to circumstances beyond her control, but now she’s learned that their foster parents died in an accident. The twins have been taken in by the foster father’s younger brother, and he’s decided to hire a babysitter. Sierra, using her experience as a pediatric nurse to her advantage and concealing her relationship to her babies, lands the job. She’s filled with happiness at finally being able to care for her children. And she realized that Coop, a famous ex-athlete with a playboy reputation, is surprisingly good at looking after them. As the two care for the twins, they are drawn to each other…but what will happen if Coop discovers the truth about Sierra?


Billionaire Chance Montgomery reluctantly hires Tori as a nanny to take care of his twin infants. But he makes it abundantly clear that he doesn’t intend to let others raise his children. As Tori lives with them and sees Chance shower the kids with love and affection, she gradually falls in love with him. Chance can’t avoid developing feelings for her, either. Still, despite their mutual attraction, something in Tori’s lonely past won’t allow her to pursue Chance. She can’t let herself fall in love again…not after what happened last time!


As the granddaughter of a duke, Francesca is expected to proceed with an arranged marriage. But right before her wedding day, her fiancé abandons her! Unable to handle the pity and inquisitive stares of those around her, she leaves Venice and heads to England where she meets an arrogant novelist named Oliver. He shows up at her welcome party and overwhelms her with gray eyes the color of ice. Despite a horrible first impression, Francesca and Oliver end up working together on his upcoming novel… Could their working relationship become something more?