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Insufficient Direction

A natural match between the manga queen Moyoco Anno and the patron saint otaku, Hideaki Anno!When Moyoco Anno, the widely successful creator of women's manga, married Hideaki Anno, creator of Evangelion and a director known to be the very model of an otaku, she held one important doubt:"Am I really ready to be an otaku's wife?"Taking up that challenge, Moyoco Anno launched herself into the deepand beautiful world of married life.This comic essay, an account of the private lives of two of Japan'smost high-profile creators, is raw, unfiltered, and unforgettablyhilarious.

This series has been published in Japan since 2002 which Japanese title name is "Kantoku Fuyuki Todoki"

The Diary of Ochibi

Even if I can make you smile, I can't erase the tears you've cried. In Mametsubu-cho, a little town somewhere in Japan's ancient capital of Kamakura, the cheerful Ochibi lives a free and easy life. Together with his friends - the dog Nazeni, the mischievous cat Jack, and the ever-hungry pooch Pankui - he welcomes new discoveries and acquaintances that come with the changing seasons. The spring brings flowers and greenery; the summer, chances to swim in the cool sea. With autumn come the fiery red maples, and winter brings hot and hearty meals. These events and shifts of season are drawn with a soft and tender touch, bringing out the warmth in the details of everyday life.

This series has been published in Japan since 2007 which Japanese title name is "Ochibi-san"

The Tenth Prism [Full Color]

In a distant time, a small country - the Land of Bones" - discovers a strange technology, and plunges the world into fear and despair."Since the dawn of time, the Kingdom of Karan - loved by its inhabitants and neighbors alike - has existed in peace and in harmony with nature. But now, the kingdom has fallen and its citizens have scattered. Karan's sole hope? A small boy - Prince Tsunashi.Despite his reluctance to accept the challenges of reviving Karan, Tsunashi's right eye patch hides the mark of the prophesied savior: THE EYE OF GOLD. Threatened by the intensifying advance of the fearsome and mysterious Land of Bones, a skillful ploy by a vassal allows Tsunashi to discover and harness his legendary ability hidden underneath the eye patch - and fight to save his kingdom.From bestselling author Masahito Soda, creator of "Firefighter! Daigo of Fire Company" (8.3 million copies sold) - and the kart racing manga Capeta (6 million) - comes THE TENTH PRISM. Soda's new epic fantasy marks his entry into the genre and is certain to be yet another masterstroke for this author.

This series has been published in Japan since 2014 which Japanese title name is "Ten Prism"


Todai is a piece of cake."
By producing Todai entrance exam passing students, Kenji Sakuragi had succeeded in rebuilding the "idiot school" Ryuzan High.
With the major education reformation approaching in 2020, Sakuragi once again returns to Ryuzan which has fallen back down to its low.
At his side is his former pupil Naomi Mizuno.
With "Empress" Kumiko Tatsuno reigning supreme over Ryuzan and the completely unmotivated student body before him, Sakuragi roars.
"Todai is THE place! Get into Todai!

BUFFALO 5 GIRLS [Full Color]

Note:This book is written in full color. In the unforgiving towns that dot the barren desert, girls sold into brothels must face men's carnal desires day in and day out. In a world rampant with sex and violence, what happens when prostitutes fall in love? Is there a way for them to survive? Two working girls, Candy and Suzy, will risk their lives to break the cycle, all for the sake of the freedom they've never had. Stronger than they ever thought possible, these girls on the run learn to give their instinct free rein.
"Love or life, which would you choose?"
"I'd take love."
"But then you can't love if you're dead, can you?"

This series has been published in Japan since
2012 which Japanese title name is "Buffalo 5-nin Musume"

Memoirs of Amorous Gentlemen

France, Paris - Beginning of the 20th century.
Colette works in a brothel and entertains clients with "perverted" desires. She is leading a life without prospects.
Her only happiness consists of the secret meetings with gigolo Leon, whom she feels helplessly attracted to. Even though he is visiting other women …
"Perverts are people who have explored and put a shape to their desires. Just like a blind man using both hands to carefully trace the contours of a vase of flowers …"
Who are these perverts Moyoco Anno brings to life in Paris, the city of flowers?
This is the first new series by Moyoco Anno in eight years! After "Sakuran" and "Buffalo 5 Girls" comes another story about the strong lives of prostitutes.
The e-book contains all color pages published inside the magazine.

This series has been published in Japan since 2013 which Japanese title name is "Bikachou Shinshi Kaikoroku"