"Hachi/Ritsu" English ver. is Complete now! To celebrate it, more Free Chapter than usual for original yaoi manga!


"This impure feeling should just disappear..." Hachi and Ritsu grew up hanging out together in the countryside despite their stark differences. Ritsu thought their relationship would never change, but Hachi suddenly moved to Tokyo after junior high school graduation without saying anything to Ritsu. Ritsu can't believe he was being neglected, so three years later he decided to go after Hachi in Tokyo... This time he will not let Hachi escapes, even though that means he must prepare for another heartbreak.

Matching Our Answers

On that night he was driven out to the street, Ritsuya met his eternal admiration, Mayato. It was just a short meeting, but these two boys in pain finally found the best comfort on each other, sealing their bond for the years after. But, how would they survive in the world of irresponsible adults? "Matching our Answers" is a modern BL with a taste of classic unfortunate children folk tales that resolves on the idea of love and pain...

Stories from the Shopping District

After hearing about his father's hospitalization, Shouta decided to leave his Pastaio job in Italy and inherit his family Western cuisine restaurant in Hurubita Shopping District. Not much has changed in the district, except probably his-used-to-be-innocent childhood friend, Makoto, who had now bloomed into an attractive guy everyone in the district wanted to sleep with. Makoto's casual sexual relationship with many young men in the district kinda drives Shouta crazy, but maybe... Just maybe Makoto still saves some of his innocence for the guy who hadn't been home for 7 years.

Masuda's Got A Hold on Shibata

A rom-com story between a hopeless guy (plus his ghost dog) and his dorky crush that will warm your heart! Shibata has this awkward crush with his cute and airheaded co-worker, Machida. One day, a Shiba Inu ghost named Masuda appeared in front of Shibata, asking him to find his partner. Since the dog came, Shibata begins to act differently whenever he is with Machida. Would he become Shibata's long-awaited Cupid?

I Want to Spoil Ikuro-san (43 y.o.)

The stoic guy in the black suit is a dork who likes sweets? As a manager in a fancy cake cafe "Kuma Purin," I was told that liking manly things does not suit me. One day, this mysterious man with eyes like a killer came in front of my shop... It turned out he is a total opposite of myself!

I Will Fall In Love With My Roommate Tomorrow

Although Tomorou Asuda's work performance is currently at its peak, he still did not feel satisfied because his superior keep saying that it was all due to his good looks. One day, he met with this cute young man named Kyou Koizumi in a bar. Hearing how unfortunate Kyou's financial condition is, Tomorou invited Kyou to stay at his house for a while. "Well, at least until you have found a job...," said Tomorou confidently. But the more they spent time together, the more Tomorou saw Kyou differently... What is this exciting feeling?