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"29 years old, Single, Living with the CEO?" →15 Chapters FREE
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29 years old, Single, Living with the CEO?

[More Free Chapter than Usual]
I'll make sure you'll have a good time. ---29-year-old virgin, Chiaki, housesits her uncle's big house. She enjoys her freedom living by herself for the first time, but a strange man shows up at the house suddenly claiming he also lives in the house. He turns out to be the president of the company where Chiaki works! He caresses her in the bathroom, during dinner, at the office, and melts her body...What do you mean this is a secret project of the company...?

A Crossed Borderline

[More Free Chapter than Usual]
Koharu lives with her mom's ex-boyfriend, Ryouji, after he adopted her. They are living as a happy family; however, one day, they cross the line that they're not supposed to cross desiring each other's body like beasts. Now their destiny starts to take its own course...