Serious ordinary people are at the mercy of sexually wild kings and princes!?

A Dominating King and His Naughty Habits

In a certain city of a middle-eastern country, there is a man named Qadri who run a diner with his grandmother. One day, a relative of the royal family, Fati, the successful entrepreneur who is infamous for his tyrannical selfishness comes to the diner and requires Qadri to remove for the land development. While Qadri strongly opposes, Fati begins to be interested in him and gives an astonishing offer, saying “Let’s decide through sex” ! Qadri finally makes up his mind and visits Fati’s mansion. Still virgin, Qadri does not know how to do but instructed every step of the way, he comes to find sexual pleasure for the first time in his life. He tries to persuade himself that all of these are for protecting his precious diner but in front of this so horny and sexually wild King, he can not stop thrusting! A love story of a normal chef with an arrogant wild king... a masterpiece of the BL manga maestro, Owal.

The Fallen Alpha

"If I'd never met you, I'd still be an alpha..."
Raie is a beautiful prince with pure alpha blood who lives a life of freedom without a mate. He loves beautiful things, and when he met a pretty young boy named Keisuke Sakaki 10 years ago, Raie decided that he will join his harem when he grew up, so when they parted he promised that he would definitely come for him.
Time passes, and when Raie picks up Keisuke at the age of 18, he is no longer a pretty boy, but a big young man with one of the strongest masculine auras among the alpha males. Raie is shocked, but he gets even more shocked when Keisuke suddenly goes on alpha heat in front of him.
He bites the nape of Raie's neck and tells him "Now you're my mate...". Although alphas are not supposed to become mates, Raie's body gets out of control like he was an omega...?
A gender-switch omegaverse story about a possessive alpha student and a haughty Arab prince!

Idol Debut with an... Arabian Prince!?

I fell in love with you. I want to make you mine. The fervent courtship from an Arabian prince and an aggressive handjob!?

Delinquent Omega Belongs to the Beast King!

“I can’t believe I wanna be messed up even more… This can’t be my body!!” In an unexpected turn of events, a delinquent named Rintaro is transported to another world. Then, all of a sudden, his body starts burning up inside…!? Rintaro is bewildered when Varuna, a beastman with piercing eyes, appears before him. “I’m going to help your body relax.” The hands stroking his burning skin are gentle, but the kiss that entwines their tongues is so tantalizing that there’s no way he can resist…!! The Alpha beast king who’s in love and the stupid yet straightforward delinquent Omega, the king’s adoration doesn’t stop! An Omegaverse BL story.about being reborn in a different world.

The Wicked Arab -Extravagant Sex with a Millionaire-

”Help me get an erection! I’ll pay you as much as you want.” Locked inside a mansion in a desert country, Akira has to put up with Salim’s kinky sexual activities day after day. Salim puts a weird device on Akira’s you-know-what, forces him to ejaculate while riding an elephant, sets an octopus on him...... But he never tries to have sex with him, because he can’t get an erection... Days of pleasure trap this Japanese businessman, who only came to the desert country for work...!

The Wicked Arab, Reversed -Awakening A Beefcake Prince’s Libido By Teasing His Huge Pecs-

”Please, make me hard... If you refuse, I’ll never let you leave this place!”In a country with a desert climate, a Japanese businessman suddenly gets kidnapped by a hunky, dark-skinned prince. The prince coerces him to help cure his erectile dysfunction, but it seems hopeless... until he teases the prince’s huge pecs. It seems the prince can only get hard when he has his beautiful chest rubbed... But why, when they’re both men? A sequel to the hugely popular Arabian-themed yaoi, ”The Wicked Arab”!

The Titan's Bride

It's like a small fruit... The Titan's large hands grasped my thing easily with one hand... With the difference in our size, if we go all the way, I'm definitely gonna die...!?

I Was Reincarnated in Another World and Auctioned off as a Slave

There’s no tragic hero here!!
This soft and fluffy yaoi manga is about a prince and a reincarnated man who becomes a slave.

Shuya Suwa (31) was on his way to a drinking party when he helped an old lady to cross the street and got hit by a truck.