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The Black Beast's Descent Into Love

When thief Karim sneaks into a clandestine auction, he finds Asena, a beautiful young man with animal ears and a tail.
On impulse, Karim steals him from the bidder who bought him for a hefty sum and decides to take responsibility, making arrangements to live with him for a month while he waits for the ship to his hometown to arrive.
Asena is high-minded and fiercely proud of his own race, so he treats Karim - a human being - coldly, but one day he suddenly changes like he was a different person and tries to seduce Karim. Asena's race has the sexual characteristic of going on heat.
Aroused by Asena's irresistible instinct, Karim makes love to him wildly, but...?!
An oriental fantasy love story swaying between instinct and affection!

I Will Never Fall in Love with an Egoist

No... I can't believe it feels so good.
Aohara is a playboy with foreign blood and beautiful blue eyes. Life is an everlasting summer, and there's no rest for the horny, especially for a top like him.
Then a guy called Masaki falls in love with him and pursues him relentlessly. The problem is, Masaki wants to be the top and make Aohara be the bottom. Even though Masaki is a playboy too, he's friendly and soft-spoken, so Aohara is having a hard time trying to fend off his advances.
But, eventually, it's Aohara that ends up kissing Masaki on a drunken night. Aohara's virgin land gets soaked in pleasure when Masaki seizes the opportunity to give him a passionate deep kiss that makes his whole body shiver...?!

Wails of the Bound ;β

A Beta who wanted to protect an Omega and an Omega betrayed by a Beta - The long-awaited sequel to the brilliant Omegaverse story by genius mangaka Keri Kusabi!!
A new graduate, Sasabe, is assigned to Utou, who works for a major advertising agency and takes good care of by his subordinates. Even though the newcomer is cheeky, overly ambitious and shows a bad attitude right away, Utou feels that he can't leave him alone. He soon finds out Sasabe's secret: he has a predisposition to seduce people and stir up their sexual desire.
Betrayed by his best friends, oppressed by his parents... Sasabe just wants to get out of a life of suffering. He tries to hide his discriminated Omega status, and wants to move up relying only on his talent. Utou keeps watching over him, even helping him to relieve his pain when he goes on heat.
But, his past inability to protect someone who was dear to him makes him hesitate to get close to Sasabe. In the meantime, unbeknown to them, the higher-ups have dirty plans for Sasabe...