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We are a Manga service website for English-speaking user operated by TORICO, a Tokyo-based company that handles many services about Manga. We have a mission to share the joy of Manga to world citizen and become the largest English Manga library in the world that would not only bring the reader and their favorite Manga together but also supporting the industry.

For decades, Manga has captivated people from all of over the world, regardless of the background and language. However, in recent years, the Manga industry has been suffering from piracy and low sales which affected artists and publishers significantly. The culture of reading also gradually changed due to technological advance which forces the industry to think about a new method that can benefit both readers and the industry.

In 2016, TORICO launched SUKIMA, a Japanese website that offered many methods to support and enjoy manga but mainly based on the concept of FREE Manga. MANGA.CLUB was born in late 2017 to become a global version of SUKIMA.

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With many different systems to enjoy and support Manga, MANGA.CLUB aimed to become a website that caters to everyone’s needs and wants without sacrificing anyone. In MANGA.CLUB, there are three ways to enjoy MANGA.

FREE Manga

FREE Manga can be read by everyone who visits the site without any requirement. During your reading experience, you will come across advertisements which based on your clicks and actions will benefit the authors and publisher.
The more you click the ads, the more the revenue the authors will get. Some of the Manga is permanently FREE; some are only FREE for certain limited time. Be sure to check MANGA.CLUB every day to find out the newest offer.


3 Tickets for FREE Everyday!

You will need a blue ticket to read this kind of Manga. This ticket can be obtained for FREE.
Every regular login user has the right to receive 3 tickets everyday.
The daily tickets you receive will expire after 24 hours. Don't forget to use them!
If you ran out of the ticket, you have to purchase COIN to read TICKET Manga. Some of the Manga is permanently accessible only by Ticket. However, some can turn into FREE Manga for certain limited time.

COIN Manga

You need to purchase COIN to read some titles, especially Manga with more mature contents. When you buy coins, you will contribute more to the Manga industry. For more detailed explanation, go to the FAQ

MANGA library for everyone

MANGA.CLUB offers the reader a wide range of Manga selection that can be enjoyed by everyone of all age and genders with any taste.

Dive into the world of manga through these six categories you favor the most!

Thrilling men adventure showered with mature lust and resolution.
This is a label generally aimed at adult men but can be enjoyed by anyone who seeks for more mature plot and characters. Seinen manga does not limit to action and dangerous relationship; it also includes the exploration of human philosophy through a more realistic point-of-view.
Dungeon for the brave dreamers who seek for true friendship.
Shonen manga generally aimed for younger male audiences with a plots that focuses on action and youth romance. But for decades, shonen manga has been enjoyed by people from all walks of life, regardless of gender, age, and background.
Land of the gentle soul that will warm your hearts.
Shojo manga mainly enjoyed by young females who seek for heart-throbbing and self-liberating coming-of-age adventure. Shojo manga based the plot and story on the importance to love, which does not automatically translate to a romantic story only.
Paradise for those who wanted to experience pure but erotic romance between boys.
Yaoi or Boys Love used to be a sub-genre of Shojo manga aimed at female readers but recently can be enjoyed by readers regardless of the gender.
The area for dangerous adult romance you always dreamt about.
Love manga includes erotica and adult romantic story that also put importance at the sexual relationship.
Library of short manga with various theme and indie taste.
All of Manga in this category is permanently FREE to read. From satire, surrealism, sweet romance, to magical experience, through this category, you can challenge yourself to enjoy the kind of manga you never read before.

Dive deeper by specifically going through the tags!

Not only the tags will help you find more about what you specifically crave, but the tags can also help you avoid some things you are not comfortable with. Make sure always to read the description of each title before you proceed to read!

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