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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Question

Manga is a comic or graphic novel that is created by people in Japan and/or published in Japan. Manga started receiving global fame in the 90s and becomes one of the most popular Japanese culture known by non-Japanese people.
MANGA.CLUB is a web service that provides a various collection of Japanese comic (manga) for people outside Japan! You can read many free manga here.
Yes, we are official. All our contents are authorized by the content owners.
Where does MANGA.CLUB operate from? Our base is in Tokyo, Japan! Therefore, the timezone we use is JST (Japan Standard Time).
"There are three methods to read manga in MANGA.CLUB 1. Free manga (orange button): You can read the manga chapter/volume without registering or using coins. Please be aware that some of free manga might only be available for Free at limited time. 2. Ticket manga (blue button): You can read the manga chapter/volume by using a ticket, and you need to register to acquire them. The chapter/volume that you access with ticket will only be available to read for 72 hours. Please be aware that some of ticket manga might only be accessible with ticket at limited time. 3. Coin manga (yellow button): You can read the manga chapter/volume by using coin. You need to register to purchase coin. The chapter/volume you bought with coins will be available to read for unlimited time."

Registration and Login

"You can read manga chapters that are labeled with orange "FREE" button without registering. But you need to register to read manga that required blue tickets and coin.
Please click the user icon in the upper right.
After you successfully access the user page by clicking the user icon, click the "Log out" button.
Go to your user page and select "Edit Profile" then click "Unregister" button.
TOM is the abbreviation of Tokyo Otaku Mode.
Tokyo Otaku Mode is a Japanese sub-culture news website that mainly writes about Anime, Manga, Game, Music, and anything about Otaku! They also own an online store for people outside of Japan.
"Tokyo Otaku Mode Premium is an exclusive membership that will give you many benefits from the exclusive discount, cashback, secret giveaways, and many more! You can also get 6 tickets per day instead of 3! Go join us! https://otakumode.com/shop/pickup/premium-manga-club-overview"
Yes! You can link your current account with your TOM account. Just go to your user page and click the "link TOM account" button.
Yes! You can unlink them by clicking the "unlink TOM account" button in your user page.
You can join the free 30-day trial! Your Premium subscription will AUTO-RENEW at $14.99 (for the next 90 days) on day 30 of your free trial. You may cancel an upcoming renewal anytime via your TOM Premium Membership page.
Please check the junk/spam folder on your e-mail account. Also, please enter our mail address "info@manga.club" in your whitelist, then try to register again. If you can't find them, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please try to sign-up with another e-mail.
If you directly login with other services account (Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, TOM) you only need to push the button of the account you've used and don't have to fill the information manually.

Ticket and Coin

No, you don't have to pay for tickets. It's free. Every 24 hours, all MANGA.CLUB members will receive 3 daily tickets. "
You can buy the chapter/volume with coins instead! This way, you can reread them at any time.
Yes! Currently MANGA.CLUB is collaborating with Tokyo Otaku Mode. If you join Tokyo Otaku Mode Premium, you can receive 6 free daily tickets and also a special discount when purchasing coins. Start your 30-day FREE Trial here: https://otakumode.com/shop/pickup/premium-manga-club-overview"
We want our manga to be read by as many people as possible! That's why the first 7 days since a ticket manga chapter/volume is released you can access it as Free manga. However, this does not apply to store manga.
The medium of exchange that can be used within MANGA.CLUB is called "Coin". You can use coin to buy paid content or contents that required ticket as a replacement for it. Your purchased coins expiration date is 180 days.
You can confirm the details of your "My Items" on the user page which you can access by clicking the user icon in the upper right.
If you are short of coins while reading a manga, the Coin purchase screen will be displayed. You can also purchase coins in advance by going to the "Tickets & Coins" in your user page. Click "Make a purchase" button on the bottom of the page to get your coins.
We accept two payment methods: 1. You can pay by Mastercard, American Express, and Visa credit cards through Stripe. 2. You can pay using your Paypal Account.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but once the payment has been made, it can't be canceled. Thus there will be no refund. Please be careful when conducting the purchase.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but once you use the ticket/coin to read a chapter/volume, it can't be canceled. If you think there are mistakes in the system, please consult to our staff through our inquiry form.
Unfortunately, at the moment you can't purchase coins without paying.
Store manga is titles that can only be accessed with coins at any time. These manga will not show up in "New Free Manga" schedule but in the "Just Added" row instead. Although you might not be able to read them for Free, you can always check the "Preview" to know what's inside!
All creative contents existed must be created, translated, edited, and distributed by some humans who are passionate about manga. These contents you love will not exist without those people. Although they made this out of their love and passion, they also need to support their livelihoods. You might find the coin/ticket-restriction troublesome, but please imagine how happy the creators and other people who are working with their works will be when their works are valued.
We really understand your feeling! You can always leave a good review in the title you like (FYI, the creators do read your comment!). And you can also share and recommend them to your fellow manga friend.
We have an annual discount campaign! Don't forget to check the website every day to know the newest deal.


No, we do not translate and typeset and/or publish all the manga on our website. Some of the contents are translated and published by other company which we only own the right to distribute them.
To translate and publish manga in English, we need to form a contract with the publisher/content owner. This process is not easy and requires a lot of times. Currently, we don't have enough resource to grant each request, but we always listen to what the readers want!
We respect your interest, but if you want to do it you have to ask the permission from the content owner/publisher.
We respect your enthusiasm but currently, MANGA.CLUB is not accepting manga submission from indie creators.
You might find our free manga in other digital stores, but MANGA.CLUB is the only website that provides them for free. If you think our manga has been uploaded in an unofficial website, you can always reach to us go through the inquiry form.
We understand your enthusiasim but it is illegal to duplicate a part and the whole part of the manga distributed in our website. If you want to share our manga to your family or friends, please send them the link to MANGA.CLUB.
We apologize for the inconvenience. You can always contact us through our inquiry form in the lower part of this page. However, not all English manga on our website is translated and published by us. Therefore, we do not have the control to change the content. Regardless, we will try our best to contact the respective publisher.
We apologize for the inconvenience. You can always contact us through our inquiry form in the lower part of this page. However, not all english manga in our website is translated and published by us, therefore, we do not have the control to change the content. Regardless, we will try our best to contact the respective publisher.
MANGA.CLUB has a Japanese sister site, "Sukima.me" which also published several original manga on their website. The English version is translated by us!


If you're using the browser in private mode, you can't automatically sign in to the website. Please sign in again through the "user" icon.
Highly recommended to use the following Operating System: Windows 10 (PC) or above OSX (PC) or above iOS 11 (Smartphone) or above Android 6.0 (Smartphone) or above Highly recommended to use the following Browsers: Safari (Latest version) Google Chrome (Latest version) ※ Internet Explorer is not supported. ※ Android standard browser is not supported. ※ Depending on the customer's browser setting, there are also cases when the recommended browsers could not display the website correctly
Unfortunately, currently, MANGA.CLUB is only available through a browser.
An internet connection is mandatory to access MANGA.CLUB
Depending on your network environment, some pages might need more time to be loaded. If it still doesn't load after a while, please reload the page.
Either the title has not released yet, or this title is not available in your country due to license restriction. We apologize for the inconvenience, please find other manga!
Go to your user page and select "Edit Profile" then check "No, I don't want to see "Adult Content" at all". You can always change it back, but if you are under 18+ please always set it as "No".

Inquiry Form

* Please leave the mail address blank if you do not need a reply.
* If you need a reply, please input the e-mail address that we can reach you at.
* A confirmation e-mail will automatically be sent from info@manga.club upon submission of inquiry.If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail, please check settings of your e-mail address, or use another email address to inquire again.

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