MANGA.CLUB 2nd Anniversary!

Last updated : Nov 01
Dear readers,

On November 1st, 2017, MANGA.CLUB was first launched to the world to serve as an official manga website for global manga fans. MANGA.CLUB is determined to give back to the industry while also entertaining the readers. Such value we hold dearly has not changed and we intend to keep it up.

Of course, in the span of 2 years, many things happened within MANGA.CLUB. Various additional features, concepts, and collaborations were established. You can now have different ways of enjoying manga. There is also a significant increase in the content amount and genre variety. Although these improvements might not be the best, we are glad that many of the readers still support us regardless.
Thank you very much for staying with us! And we hope for your support and love from now on too!


P.S To celebrate our 2 years anniversary, we are currently holding a special campaign.
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Problems with TOM Premium Users Inventories Now Fixed (August 1, 2019)

Last updated : Aug 01
Dear Users,

Hope you are enjoying MANGA.CLUB
In the last few days, some of the new users who log in using TOM Premium account might encounter some mismatches in the tickets and coins inventory. We deeply apologize for the affected users. We now have fixed the problems and the inventory should be back to normal. If you still have problems in your account, please contact our staff through or from our Twitter account: @mangadotclub

We sincerely hope you will enjoy reading manga in MANGA.CLUB from now on too.

Have a nice day,

Christmas Sale 2018!

Last updated : Dec 19
Happy Christmas for all our readers!
To add more joy to your holiday, MANGA.CLUB is holding a discount week for Love and Yaoi manga (selected titles).

Click the banner below to look at the list:

Don’t miss this chance to complete your collection! Unlike tickets, chapters you bought with coins can be re-read many times at any time you want.

Thank you for always supporting us,